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By November 29, 2021No Comments

A Bill focused on improving the lives of those living with Down syndrome has been praised by DS Cheshire CEO Lawrence Caygill. The Down Syndrome Bill has been introduced by Dr Liam Fox and looks set to become law after clearing its first Commons hurdle on 26th November when the Government announced it will support it.

The Down Syndrome Bill would mean the establishment of a Down Syndrome Act which will be the first of its kind in the world.  The Act would improve the provision and outcomes for all those living with Down syndrome in England encompassing maternity care, education, health & social care and employment.

CEO of Down Syndrome Cheshire, Lawrence Caygill, comments,

“The advancement of this Bill and the recommendation by Government to support it is a giant leap forward for those who have Down Syndrome. Everyone has a right to fair and equal opportunities so that they can live the life they choose. For too long now the provision and outcomes for people living with Down Syndrome have been inadequate. Our members are individuals who have so much to contribute to society and many want to work, have relationships and active social lives. The establishment of a Down Syndrome Act will hold services and employers to account to ensure they’re operating in a fair and inclusive manner.”

 The charity is supportive of the National Down Syndrome Policy Group (NDSPG) that has launched a campaign in support for the Bill.  The ‘Stand Up for Down Syndrome’ campaign includes a petition which has attracted the signatures of 30,400 people with Down syndrome, their families and supporters.

Campaigners are calling for the Bill to receive Royal Assent before World Down Syndrome Day on 21st March 2022.