Our Vision

Empowering people with Down’s Syndrome in Cheshire to live the life they choose

Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

Down Syndrome Cheshire is a small local charity that supports children with Down’s syndrome (DS) and their families. The charity was established in 2007 by a group of Cheshire parents, who all had babies with Down’s syndrome.

To empower people with Down’s syndrome to unlock their potential and lead happy and fulfilling lives, by changing perceptions, creating opportunities and educating the wider community.

Our Values


We courageously challenge perceptions and push boundaries.
We create opportunities to exceed expectations.


We provide well informed, tailored support to families and the wider DS community.


We always tell the truth.
We’re realistic, supportive and welcoming to everyone.


We consistently provide high-quality services.
We address challenges with a ‘can do’ positive attitude.


We offer a welcoming and caring environment. We prioritise the wellbeing of our staff and community. We care and celebrate what matters to you.