Our Corporate Family

Working in partnership with Cheshire businesses to achieve great things for people with Down’s syndrome and their families is massively important to us.

Whether you choose us as your Charity of the Year, enter a fundraising team or sell gingerbread socks we’re always grateful for your support.

Whether you choose us as your Charity of the Year, enter a fundraising team or sell gingerbread socks, we’re always grateful for your support.

Benefits to your business may include:

  • The ‘feel good factor’ of involvement for your staff and partners
  • Helping to fulfil corporate social responsibility requirements
  • Team building opportunities
  • PR and marketing opportunities resulting from your support
  • Assistance from Down Syndrome Cheshire to help ensure your fundraising initiatives and events are a success.

We are so grateful to all the businesses that support our charity and allow us to continue working to unlock the potential of people with Down’s syndrome in Cheshire.

When working with businesses, we follow best practice guidance as outlined in the Fundraising Regulator’s Charities Working with Business Code of Fundraising Practice.

Here are some of the ways you could support us:

Collection boxes
Charity of the Year partnership
Enter a fundraising team
Sponsorship of an event
World Down Syndrome Day
Get Up for Down’s
In lieu of Christmas Cards & Gifts in Kind
Work opportunities

If you think that your business can support us in our work please get in touch

A huge thank you to all the businesses that have supported us including…

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Here are some of our amazing volunteers

Rebecca Goodier

Volunteer 2018

Rebecca Goodier first made contact with our charity when her son Jamie (now 11), who has Down’s syndrome, was born. Rebecca has helped Down Syndrome Cheshire with a variety of fundraising events, from bag packing to dragon boat racing. In 2018 Rebecca received our Volunteer of the Year award.

Emma Harris

Volunteer 2019

Emma, who has Down’s syndrome, started selling gingerbread sock biscuits at her primary school to raise funds. Since then, her initiative has grown with 52,000 sock biscuits being sold in 2019. Emma has received a local hero award, a Pride of Manchester award and a Points of Light award from the Prime Minister.

Read Emma's Story Here

Nicola Quirk

Sixth Form Volunteer

Nicola began her journey with CDSSG when she was a sixth form student and raised money for our charity with her peers. After completing her A levels, Nicola contacted us to ask about volunteering. Obviously we snapped her up! Nicola supported us with office tasks, fundraising and events on a weekly basis. We were delighted for Nicola when she applied for her first paid position in the voluntary sector and was offered the job on the spot.