We help educate children with Down’s syndrome

Children with Down’s syndrome have a specific learning profile, not simply a global learning delay. Over recent years there has been significant research into how best to use the child’s strengths to optimise learning.

Reading is generally a strength for children with DS. They learn to read by recognising the whole word rather than decoding phonetically. Phonics are still an important part of learning for speech sounds and for decoding as reading skills develop. There are several schemes available from Down Syndrome Education International to guide you through this process.
Numeracy is an area which children with DS typically find difficult. This is due to the abstract nature of numbers. The use of a multi-sensory resource, such as Numicon, is highly recommended to help children ‘see how numbers work’.
We offer education settings a variety of training courses that help to unlock the potential of children with Down’s syndrome. We also offer an education advocacy service, as well as speech and language support. Contact us to find out more.

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Resources to support your child with their learning whilst they are at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve put together some specific transition resources that may help if your child or a child you support is returning to school following the coronavirus pandemic.

What We Do

Education Advocacy

Our education advocates work with children, parents/ carers and education professionals to help unlock the potential of children with Down’s syndrome. They create learning targets based on the specific needs of the individual child to support development and improve communication between schools and parents of children with Down’s syndrome. In addition, they facilitate cluster groups to offer support to educators.

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Makaton Training

Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols to help people to communicate. People with Down’s syndrome have strong visual learning skills so, when Makaton is used, their opportunities for social engagement and learning are greatly enhanced. We offer Makaton training to children and adults with Down’s syndrome, parents/ carers, health and education professionals. For more information or to book onto a course, see our interactive calendar of events or contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

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Speech and Language Support

Accessing speech and language services can be difficult for many families. We hold group sessions for pre-schoolers, offer therapy for specific children, host training, workshops and drop-in sessions as well as carry out one-to-one assessments by a Symbol UK qualified practitioner. If you need speech and language support, please get in touch now.

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The Voice of the Child

We offer information, advice and training about the voice of the child. All children with Down’s syndrome have a specific learning profile. When their teaching and learning is tailored to this profile then they can reach their full potential.

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