Supporting families and health professionals

Access to good healthcare and the right information is incredibly important both for prospective parents and people with Down’s syndrome.

People with Down’s syndrome do not have any medical conditions which are unique to Down’s syndrome. Any condition a person with Down’s syndrome may have is also seen in the general population. However, there are some conditions that people with Down’s syndrome may be more likely to experience.

We are very fortunate to have close links with many health professionals, one of whom has devised a Top Tips for Professionals who work with people with Down’s syndrome, which can be downloaded here

We offer information, training and advice to families and health professionals to support the healthcare of people with Down’s syndrome. To find out more, use the links below or contact us at

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We offer Makaton training to health professionals. When health workers use Makaton it opens the lines of communication for people with Down’s syndrome and can also reduce anxiety. Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols to help people to communicate. We also offer training on the learning profile of people with Down’s syndrome. For more information or to book onto a course, see our interactive calendar of events or contact us here

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New Parent Packs

We deliver new parent packs to maternity units throughout Cheshire so that parents of babies with Down’s syndrome can access information, advice and services from the earliest point possible in the lives of their beautiful new babies.
As well as providing information, the packs signpost parents to a variety of resources and organisations that may be of use to them.
If you are a maternity professional or Health Visitor & would like more information or one of our new parent information packs please contact us.

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Health Literature

We support the national Down Syndrome Association Tell it Right Start it Right campaign to educate healthcare professionals about speaking with prospective and new parents in an unbiased manner. We have produced a Tell it Right Start it Right poster with tips for maternity staff about how to celebrate with parents, empower them and focus on the individuality of each baby.
Please click here for a copy of the poster.

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